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Tanti trattamenti speciali per regalare benessere al singolo e alla coppia.

Gli esperti del benessere sono a Vostra completa disposizione per accogliere ogni vostra singola richiesta. Da queste pagine potrete scegliere e prenotare i trattamenti a tutto relax che accompagnano le bellissime giornate sulla neve a completamento della giornata al Family & Wellness Hotel Shandranj.


Partial Massages


Face, neck and decolleté  
Slow and harmonious manipulation that gives relaxing and firming effect to the muscles. [25 min.]

Foot massage
Gives an immediate feeling of lightness. Excellent in each moment of life, after a busy day. [25 min.]

Neck Massage
Decontracting specific treatment useful to release tension from neck, head and face. [25 min.]

Linfodrenaggio metodo Wodder - viso
Manovre lente e delicate, efficaci per drenare il viso, addolcire i lineamenti e attenuare borse e occhiaie. [20 min.]

Facial limphatic drainace
Slow and tender movements to drain the face, soften the features and alleviate puffiness and dark circles. [25 min.]

Massages Mom & Baby


Pediatric massage  
According to oriental medicine, the child’s body differs from that of an adult from an energetical point of view. This technique can improve various disorder such as colds, flu, colic etc. [20 min.]

Pre-maman massage
PSpecifically for pregnant women [40 min.]

Classic Massages


Relax massage
Very relaxing and harmonius massage.

Limph - drainage for legs
Specific anti-cellulitis massage. Slow pumping which facilitate the limphatic system and reduc water retention, giving a slimmer figure

Limph - drainage for back, arms and belly
Specific anti-cellulitis massage. Slow pumping which facilitate the limphatic system and reduc water retention, giving a slimmer figure

Modelling massage
Firming, detoxifying and anti-cellulite

Sport massage
Helpful after sport activity, draining the lactic acid, promoting muscle relaxation.

Fire Massage
Is stimulates bood and lymphatic circulation, helps to eliminate toxins

Special Massages


Personalized massage
It uses specific and individual techniques to reach greater improvements

Candle Massage
A silky shear butter massage combined with aloe vera, almond, cocoa butter or mango.
To moisturize and nourish the skin.

Mountain massage
Made with aromatic oil and warm bundles of dried herbs-hay, hypericum, arnica, calendula, lemon balm, chamomille and thyme-gives well-beeing and lightness to the whole body

Resonanz Dorsalis
Back massage with essential oils, hot rolls, cupping and Tibetan bells.

Californian massage
It is the "king" of massages. Rythmic and circular movements, which give an extraordinary sense of calm and well-beeing. Resume breathing and promotes digestion.

Hot Stone Massage
Body and mind obtain complete relaxation. orpo e mente raggiungono un completo rilassamento. The armonious combination between specific oils and the volcanic rock, grand total harmony of body and mind.

New massages


Body brushing
These special brushes have been designed and developed to perform the various techniques of brushing face and body.
Brushing is a massage that regenerates, removes stress, relaxes the whole body and helps to stimulate vitality of the organism.
Brushing can be combined and completed with a customized massage, to enjoy a luxorious spa treatment.
Partial body brushing
Partial body brushing + Partial massage
Partial body brushing + Total body massage
Total body brushing
Total body brushing + Partial massage
Total body brushing + Total body massage
Ambra Massage
Amber is a very precious material, called the Baltic gold. Natural, light and warm, amber is considered an exceptional anti-aging and anti-stress for the nervous and digestive system.
Thanks to his succinic acid, it strengt the immune system defenses and balances the energy process, helps to cure cough, sinusitis, allergies.
It 'an enveloping massage, that ensure physical and mental wellbeing. Accompanied by the harmonic sound of Tibetan bells, relaxes and gives unforgettable sensations.
Massage with amber nuggets for him, the czar
Massage with amber nuggets for hero, the tsarina

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