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Family & Wellness Hotel Shandranj: the natural wellness of the Val di Fiemme

Take care of your face with love...

Naturalmente Face

 Treatments face...


naturalmente prodotti

Effective Natural cosmetics and at the same time healthy and safe. 

They are composed exclusively of raw materials and plant derivatives from organic farming, biodynamic or collection of plants in the spontaneous growth, ensuring both the quality of the products that economic development of the local farmers.
We take care of the person, through the use of cosmetics derived from botanicals renewable and sustainable formulated with pure aromas of plants and flowers, cultivated in organic and dynamic.
To ensure the real quality of the products, there are no silicones, parabens, petroleum and derivatives, artificial colors, sls, peg, nickel.
We must always remember, that this planet is the only home we have.

Cleansing, tonifying and moisturizing Ritual : a true luxury spatreatment
The ritual begins with a deep cleansing of the epidermis, that encourages the rebalancing of skin abnormalities.
Hydration with a speciefic infusion
Exfoliation with fruit acids
Application of specific mask, depending on the type of skin
Facial massage with mix of vegetable oils


Deep moisturizing treatment
Deep hydration for dry and mature skin. Hydrates and refreshes, gives elasticity, prevents the natural aging process of the skin.
Skin looks bright, soft and deeply hydrated.


Deep purifying treatment
Moisturizes and balances impure skin.
Antioxidants and pure essences, reduce skin imperfections.
Strongly soothing and desensitizing action


Lifting treatment
Facial treatment for dull skin, with immediate lifting effect.
An infusion of vitamins and emollient oils, which nourish andsmooth the skin.
From the sea, a precious ingredient that stimulates the production of collagen, providing a unique firming effect.

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