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Family & Wellness Hotel Shandranj: the natural wellness of the Val di Fiemme

Take care of your body with love...


Alpicare© Sanum per Alpes©

Alpicare® - Sanum per Alpes baths®booknow

The innovative Alpicare® - Sanum per Alpes® baths exploit the synergy from compounds of Alpine active ingredients to boost health, beauty and well-being. Discover the variety of beneficial alpine baths, there were they were created. Southtyrol.

Alpicare® bath - beauty & enjoy
apple & rose hip©

Pamper your skin with a fruity and sensual beauty bath.
Apples abound in vitamins, mineral substances, pectin and waxes. This makes them the ideal fruits for skin regeneration and treatment. By combining apple with the precious rose hip, skin cell regeneration is considerably improved and dehydration significantly reduced. The skin’s elasticity is restored.

Alpicare® bath - regeneration & aktiv
arnica & st. Johns wort©

Let yourself absorb the toning force of the „flowers of the sun“.
This curative bath provides new energy to tired joints and muscles. The powerful combination of active ingredients of Arnica and of Hypericum helps remove stress and melt tension away.

Alpicare® bath - aktiv & detox
Dead Sea pure mud©

The mud from the Dead Sea is well known for their healing properties for centuries. The mud from the Dead Sea has no type of contraindication, is a natural product and whose benefits will develop through the phenomenon of osmosis. Among the benefits that go to the body, there are those against skin diseases and allergies. Therefore ideal, for those who suffer from cellulite and then skin diseases like acne, dermatitis and psoriasis. It shall also bear relief to those suffering from rheumatism, bone and muscle tension, resulting an anti-stress effect.

Alpicare® bath - relax & vigor
hay of Trentino Alto Adige©

The hay bath of Trentino Alto Adige promotes blood circulation, metabolism, is relaxing, strengthens the immune system and improves skin functions. The hay flowers are wetted with hot water to neutralize the pollen and therefore allergies.
The selected hay of Trentino Alto Adige is distinguished from all others, for its great variety of herbs and flowers, that are rich in special properties and healing substances.


AromaTherapy for couple or single with whirpool in romantic wooden barrelbooknow

candele atmosfera









High mountain water from the Dolomites. Water bath with wirlpool in wooden barrel - Bottich.
The beneficial action of the water has been known since antiquity.
Water is life: regenerative effect in and out.

Body treatment with whirlpool in wooden barrel - Bottich - with natural products.

Couple Ritual to rediscover harmony taking care of themselves
purifying body peeling
moisturizing body wrap
aromatic whirlpool in romantic wooden barrel
final body oiling


Moisturizing: Goat milk and honey     
Stimulant: Hymalaya salt and rosemary
Draining: Salt and Dead Sea mud 
Relaxing: Rosehip and raw sugar 
Antioxidant: Apple from Trentino Alto Adige
Vitaminizer: Orange of Sicily and cinnamon
Refreshing: Cucumber and yogurt


Treatment could be done individually or in pairs.

Naturalmente Body


Treatment your body...


Effective Natural cosmetics and at the same time healthy and safe. They are composed exclusively of raw materials and plant derivatives from organic farming, biodynamic or collection of plants in the spontaneous growth, ensuring both the quality of the products that economic development of the local farmers.
We take care of the person, through the use of cosmetics derived from botanicals renewable and sustainable formulated with pure aromas of plants and flowers, cultivated in organic and dynamic.
To ensure the real quality of the products, there are no silicones, parabens, petroleum and derivatives, artificial colors, sls, peg, nickel.
We must always remember, that this planet is the only home we have.

Breathe body skin therapy
Purifying and detoxinat ritual for a real luxury spa treatment
The ritual begins with a warm compress, to facilitate the absorption of the active treatment.
The wrap with caffeine, guarana and green tea is first massaged with manualdraining to ensure total effectiveness of the treatment.
Follows a specific massage with a special oil, based of the same active ingredients.
It 's an ideal treatment for men as well as for women, which rids the skin of toxins and is a great treatment for skin preparation at the beginning of the week or a specific body programm.


Breathe body skin therapy
Exfoliationand anti age ritual for a real luxury spa treatment
The ritual begins with a warm compress, to facilitate the absorption of the active treatment.
The exfoliating scrub is nutritious at the same time. It’s based on jojoba oil and shea butter that will be massaged with firming maneuvers to ensure totaleffectiveness of the treatment. Follows a specific massage with a special oil, based of the same active ingredients.
It 'an ideal treatment especially for women, but also for men attentive to the physical form, which ensure skin firming and cell renovation.


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