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Well-being and beauty in the Trentino Dolomites

the relaxation of a wellness holiday in Val di Fiemme

By choosing Val di Fiemme for your vacation, well-being and beauty will go hand in hand. After a walk in the woods or a mountain excursion in the summer, or following a day of skiing the sunny slopes of the Dolomites in the winter, you’ll be able to regenerate your body in our 4-star wellness facilities.

A vacation able to delight thanks to the beauty of the Dolomites, a wellness centre able to regenerate and reinvigorate thanks to the 4-star facilities available to the hotel’s guests.

Stays in the saunas or the Turkish bath are alternated with the use of showers, to exploit the beneficial effect that the temperature differences exert on the body, stimulating the circulation and purifying the skin.

In addition, our wellness and fitness facilities are completed by a thermarium, a real oasis of relaxation where one can enjoy an intermediate temperature between the ambient temperature and the very high ones of the saunas and the Turkish bath.
The relaxation phase can be crowned by a conclusive massagge.


Steam Bath


The steam bath (also called “wet sauna”) takes place in a steam-saturated environment in which the humidity is very high (from 90 to 100%). The temperature increases from the bottom up, varying between 30 and 50°C (86 and 122°F). Perspiration is generally less intense than in a sauna but the longer times spent in the bath enable a greater loss of liquids.
Among its various beneficial effects, the steam bath stimulates the circulation and provides deep cleansing and purification of the skin thanks to the opening of the pores and the increased sweating, which makes it possible to eliminate toxins and promotes cell renewal.
It is useful, healthy and pleasurable to associate a steam bath with massages.


In the garden with its panoramic view of the peaks of the Dolomites towards the Rio Stava, with Monte Cucal (1704 m / 5590 ft) rising up close by from woods that climb toward the Lavazè Pass (1805 m / 5922 ft), in the open air kissed by mountain sunshine...
It’s here that we provide, for those who so desire, an 11-seat Jacuzzi hydromassage tub, ideal for enjoying delicious moments of relaxation while sipping a cocktail.
Pampering for the body, but especially a truly regenerating treatment for the spirit, able to send stress packing and make the smiles return.
One more reason to treat yourself to a 4-star holiday amid the wonders of nature in Trentino’s Val di Fiemme.


A plunge into the wellness of the Dolomites

Also in the stones of the Dolomites that decorate the swimming pool area there is a sign of the link with the territory: it’s the nature of Trentino, which in both summer and winter is a constant invitation to give in to the caress of your 4-star holiday in the mountains.

Enjoy the 6 by 13 metre (20 by 42 ft) indoor heated swimming pool, to the internal relaxation area with a view of the peaks of the Dolomites towards the Rio Stava, and to the adjacent garden equipped with umbrellas and pool chairs.
During opening hours the swimming pool is kept under constant watch by qualified pool personnel (lifeguards), thereby also ensuring safety for children, who have a time slot all to themselves to use the facility.


 Finnish sauna and biosauna in the Dolomites

The wood interiors echo the surrounding nature – the woods of Val di Fiemme and the mountains that soar above – in a continuum of well-being that will characterise your 4-star holiday in the Dolomites.

The hotel’s guests have free access to two saunas at different temperatures: 
- the classic Finnish sauna, which can reach 80-90°C (176-194°F), inducing healthy perspiration. The humidity does not exceed 10-20% and to raise it, water is poured onto the hot stones, generally adding essential oils with a balsamic effect, such as pine or eucalyptus;
- the biosauna, where the temperature does not exceed 50°C (122°F), while the humidity can be brought to 65-70%. In this case, too, essential oils or aromatic herbs can be added to the water.


The unforgettable Dolomitic landscape all around, while you are quietly seated in the Jacuzzi in the garden.

The the light breeze of pure air of the Alps in the summer, after an exciting excursion to the peaks or a walk in green pastures.
The white mantle of snow in winter, after a day of skiing.
Emotions to live in couple or with the family during the holiday at the Family & Wellness Hotel Shandranj

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